Stories so anonymous, they could be yours.

Licensed to Nun.

Sometimes life throws things at me that I’d never imagine on my own. Driving through town the other day, I started making a left turn at a traffic light. My eyes happened to notice the car waiting at the corresponding red light.

There was a nun sitting in the driver’s seat. Full black and white outfit, complete with head cover. (I’m pretty sure that’s called a habit… But my precautionary Google Search to double check just gave me listings for slutty nun costumes. I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.)

Both Styrr (my passenger) and I saw the nun driver at the same time and excitedly started exclaiming babble about it. We were so shocked that a nun was allowed to drive a car! My foot was excited too, as it pressed on the gas pedal a little too much and my car bottomed out slightly on the uneven pavement of the road. Soon as we were past her, we kind of quieted down and looked at each other.

Feeling slightly stupid, we realized there really was no reason a nun couldn’t drive a car. It’s just not something we’ve ever seen in this area before. Or at the very least, any nuns driving around aren’t usually in the full traditional outfit… Either way, it was something I’d never think of on my own, and life threw it in my face.

Thank you life!


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