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All purpose forks.

Temporary work was offered my way about three weeks ago. My friend’s father owns a small restaurant, and needed a little help until the summer season was over. Which worked out great for me, because I was hoping to move out of the area by then. This place is very awesome. The food is great, the owner is really nice. There’s only about five of us that make up the entire serving staff.

That is all besides the point. I just needed to establish that I have been working a little bit recently, so that this story would make sense.

One of my first days working, there was a woman that came in by herself to eat breakfast. She was probably in her late 50s (I’ve never been very good at guessing ages past the early 30s). Towards the end of her meal, her back began to get itchy. How do I know this?

She took the fork (which was being used to eat her eggs…) and glanced around the room. Then began scratching at her back with the fork, and resumed eating.



Comments on: "All purpose forks." (2)

  1. writingthebody said:

    That is, um, a pretty funny thing. So she used the fork….hmm…and then…well I am imagining what happened….

  2. writingthebody said:

    Having eaten eggs (poached I imagine, why do I think that?), and a bit of egg on her back. Sorry…it just made me laugh. And I should have got it into one comment…

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