Stories so anonymous, they could be yours.

Bike envy.

This story is long over due. It happened weeks ago, but I simply did not feel like laying out the details. Until now. Styrr is practicing his vegetable cutting for culinary school, and one can only take so many pictures of ‘carrot-staches’ (you know… carrot mustaches).

At the beginning of August, Styrr decided to take me out for dinner. He went so far as to pick out one of my dresses, give make up suggestions, and advise me on how to wear my hair. Sort of… his subtle way of telling me those were his favorite things without outright saying it. I classed up my ensemble with boots and playful fishnet-type stockings. Let’s just say I looked amazing, because I did.

Dinner was at the place that Lion started working this summer. I tasted lamb for the first time, and had a happy amount of drinks. Afterwards, Styrr and I walked down the street to a bar where we waited for Lion to get done work.

Insert more drinks.

Midnight. Officially became Styrr’s Birthday.

Insert Birthday shots!

Finally, the three of us started walking back to our respective cars.

Lion to my left, Styrr to my right, happy little trio walking down the street. At an intersection, I decided to be a smart ass and try to kick Lion. My toasty self used the wrong foot and swung it in the wrong direction. The end result was a tangling of booted feet with fishnet-type stockings, and a sudden decent towards the street. Only after slamming down on my knee did I manage to twist around and safely land on my rear.

And then followed through the motion and laid down all together. I’m pretty sure some middle aged women saw my underwear. Both Lion and Styrr made to help me up, and I brushed it off like nothing happened.

Insert major embarrassment.

It only took about ten seconds to assure them that I was fine, that it was no big deal, and laugh it off. I quickly made to change the subject. At that moment a man just happened to peddle by on his bicycle, and Lion made a sincere comment under her breath about how she wished she could be riding a bike.

The Bike Man did not understand this sentiment and took it to be an insult. Without looking back or slowing his pace, he called out, “At least I didn’t fall.”


Anything come to mind while reading this?

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